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Christmas ornament Star Tower of the Virgin Mary of the Sagrada Familia

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Christmas ornament of the representation of the Star of the Tower of Virgin Mary of the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia. Made from biomaterials of vegetable origin.
The tower of the Virgin Mary is the second tallest in the Basilica complex, 138 meters high. The terminal is composed of three parts. The crown, a stone element 6 meters high that ends in twelve forged stars. The stars surround the lower part of the terminal ascending. The shaft or lantern corresponds to the central part of the terminal and is 18 meters high. Defined by the geometry of a hyperboloid, it ends in three arms that support the star. Its entire exterior surface is trencadís in shades of white and blue.

Finally, the star is the final element of the tower. As for its dimensions, it has a diameter of 7.5 meters and a total of twelve points. All faces are made of textured glass and it is illuminated from within.

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